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John Dougherty is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedics. His journey in fitness began as a teenager lifting weights for sports in high school. While pursuing his Bachelors in Kinesiology at the University of Maryland, John became a Certified Personal Trainer and began competing in bodybuilding competitions. John has competed at the national level multiple times  including NPC Teen Nationals, NPC Nationals, and NPC Team Universe.


 After finishing his degree in Kinesiology John attended George Washington University in Washington D.C. where he earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. John then practiced as a physical therapist for the next 5 years in Virginia and Texas, obtaining advanced certifications in orthopedics and dry needling.

 Always entrepreneurial by nature, John decided to combine his love of fitness, physical therapy, and business to create a unique concept which is Conquer Fitness and Performance. John noticed that many of his physical therapy patients we’re getting injured due to a lack of strength and fitness or due to improper form, training techniques, and protocols.


Many group training gyms focus on getting as many people as possible in a class to maximize profits. Unfortunately, this does not allow the trainers to provide proper guidance and supervision of all clients and leads to many people getting injured and discouraged.


As a solution, John has taken his background in rehab and fitness to create a series of personalized group fitness classes that emphasize proper technique and training protocols that help prevent injury while getting MAXIMUM results. The class sizes are limited to allow extensive personal attention.


Additionally, John’s experience competing in bodybuilding and his educational background have allowed him to become an expert in the area of nutrition. When it comes to nutrition it is important to have the real world experience of utilizing various diets, as well as, the scholastic background to be an educated consumer of the latest research in the field.  John’s background allows him to be proficient in both areas to provide individualized nutrition coaching to all Conquer Fitness members.


John is passionate about helping people transform their lives through health and fitness. His goal is to provide concierge level service to all of his clients, which is one of the reasons why Conquer Fitness will never be a 10,000 member gym like many of the big-box corporate gyms. We promise your experience at Conquer Fitness will be unlike any other gym!


4681 Ohio Drive

Suite 110
Frisco, TX 75035

Tel: (469) 305-2598

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