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After COVID-19, it is more important than ever to feel safe when you're exercising!
Conquer Fitness is a 100% private gym, offering 3 different levels of privacy based on your goals and comfort!

Option 1

Small Group Personal Training

This is our most popular program! Get the personal coaching and attention with the camaraderie of a a group! Max of 12 people per session. 

Option 2

Semi-Private Personal Training

A trainer will develop and coach you through an individualized personal training routine with 2-3 others. Max of 4 per session.

Option 3

1-on-1 Personal Training

100% individual training with just you and your personal trainer. Perfect if you have very specific goals, need to work around injuries, or just enjoy a completely personal approach.

How will you TRANSFORM your life?


I used to get tired, I could not run. Now my body feels fresh... like an athletic body. 

I just turned 40 and wanted to cut down my bodyfat and improve my energy levels. In the first 30 days, I've lost 11 pounds and feel GREAT!


I was out of shape and so tired of intermittent fasting and the Keto diet, that I thought I was destined to stay fat.

Since joining Conquer Fitness I've lost 35 pounds and I'm eating more than twice the calories than I was before I started. I feel younger and I have more energy. I like the classes because the only person I am competing with is myself.


When I started this program 4 weeks ago, I was at my lowest. To the point of wearing a sweater to work every day because my scrub tops didn’t even fit anymore..

Now, not only am I comfortable back in my old clothes, but your girl is also V-Squatting over 300lbs! I’m addicted! According to my scale it’s a 13lb weight difference from the day I started, however I am much more happy with all the non-scale victories.


I can fit into ALL my jeans again! I feel much fitter and stronger than I was before.

I now have the CONFIDENCE to wear what I want, and my life has become much more ACTIVE.


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